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The Chiropractic Marketplace offers Five Advertising Services

1. The Chiropractic Marketplace Website
3. Email Marketing Campaigns

Storefront - Industry vendors are provided a storefront with all the information, videos, links and contact information you wish to communicate. NO FEE.

Rotating Ads - Five suppliers grouped together  placed in multiple areas of the site. $40/mo.

We will send your advertisement to our list of up to 50,000+ chiropractor emails.  You will receive information on the response of the ad


Your can choose to send your advertisement from a minimum of 10,000 addresses to a max of 50,000 addresses at fee of $0.075 per email address

Static Ads have a premier position ads in multiple locations of the website.  $150/mo.

4. Digital Advertisng Development &

We can create and manage digital advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Google & more). 

Footer Ads - There are four ads on the home page and across each page of the website. $300/mo.

2. Monthly ePublications

Campaign Development - includes image/video. $300/mo

Our monthly ePublication is sent to 50,000+ chiropractors across the country. We limit the number of ads to maximize visibility for you.

Size                1mo       2mo        3mo         6mo

1/4 Page             $125         $105          $100            $90

1/2 Page             $250         $215         $200           $180

Ad Spend Management - You choose how much to spend monthly on the digital platform (Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc.).  We ad 18% to manage the logistics.

Social Media Management - posting content and general administration of the social media platform (Facebook & Linkedin). $600/mo

5. Landing Pages & Website Development

We develop websites and landing pages for digital campaigns.  Fees for landing pages start at $500.  Website development begins at $1500.;  Please contact us for a quote.

Bundled Advertising Services - 20-55% Discount

TCM - ad services fees.jpg

If you don't see a bundle that fits your needs request a quote.

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